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    Mr. Jackal - Unmanned Ground Vehicle Research Platform [Hector SLAM]

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    Interior 3D Scan - Fly Through, Carnegie Lab.

  • Hybrid Mechanical Design and Smart Control Systems

  • 3D Printed Adjustable Four Bar Mechanism

  • Portable Scanning System

  • Hudson Street, 3D Scan

  • ROAMS, Robotic Research Platform [Courtesy of DMI, SIT]

  • Wet Suitable Diver Propulsion Vehicle


1) 3D Printed Watt Straight Line Mechanism, 2) 3D Printed Adjustable Four Bar Mechanism, 3) Linkage Locus Curves, 4) Watt + Four Bar together, 5) Portable 3D Scanning System, 6) Color Registered Point Cloud with Intensity, 7) ROAMS - Robotic Research Platform, 8) 3D Robot Control and Localization Plots, 9) 5-DOF Robotic Arm, MonoSLAM Motion Model Experiment 10) CAD Design 11)Four Channels Hydrophone Array and Acquisition System 12) Wet Suitable Diver Delivery System 13) Diver Computer, Control Panel

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